Friday, August 29, 2008


My name is Joseph Miller; I am a 21 year old artist living in NW arkansas. Like most people that grow up in one place, I desire to get as far away from Arkansas as I can afford. I work at Starbucks at the mall, I hate my job and the company I work for so If I remember any of your faces from this class I will give you a free drink to spite them. I enjoy spending time with my girl friend, trying hard to figure out something fun to do around this state. I wanted to get a fine arts degree after I got my AA but, as the old saying goes, there aint no money in art. I figure that as a graphic designer I will atleast be able to flex my creative side and not have to ask any more idiots if they want their latte iced or hot. I enjoy reading , watching chaplin movies, and dancing naked at the edge of dawn.

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