Thursday, August 28, 2008

Danielle Holmes-Parum

Hey fellow classmates,
I am Danielle Holmes-Parum, I got married this summer in Jamaica, and I am still so excited about it. This is my third semester at NWACC, the transition from working full time, third shift at Mckee's Food making little debbies to going to school full was quite a change, that took time to adjust to. I am very fortunate that I have a loving husband that doesn't want me to work while going to school, so we can manage to spend a few seconds with each other in between Homework. I really love to travel and if I had more money I would be traveling more often. One of my dreams for my life is to be a independent travel writer and travel the world with my husband. I am going to NWACC to become a graphic designer, to enhance my art skills and to make it easier for me to get my Tattoo Apprenticeship to get my tattoo license. I love tattoo art and I truly believe that it is an amazing art and there are some amazing artist in that field. My husband and I are truly addicted to tattoo's and I would probably have more if I really liked the art work that the local tattoo artist did, but it isn't good enough to put on my body for life. Well that's me and my thoughts for now. But my life is an open book and this is a new chapter for me.

Stay Strong, and Stay True,
Danielle Holmes-Parum

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