Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hi, I'm Malinda. I come from Huntsville (born and raised). That right off ,for some reasons, should produce a lot of presumptions about me. I love art. I basically love anything that can communicate an idea to other people. I've been involved in this practice since I was very little and having been a person for most of my life who could not verbally relate well to others. Writing and drawing have been my passions. I've been taking art classes inside and outside of school since the third grade. In high school I was an art tutor and being a poor person I have even paid for my doctor bills in art. I usually enjoy history but thus far this book is so horrifyingly boring I may change my mind. Thankfully, I have a teacher who can cut out the crap for me. Though I promise I will still do my best to read the chapters. I hope this introduction doesn't have to be long and is not for a grade but if so here is more information related to the topic at hand. I come from a small town. I like nature and lots of space. So, if arkansas grows any more things besides trees I might go postal. Most of my art I think is moody and dark as is most of my writing. I am currently taking Grapic Design and thus far it seems like it may be an easy class but I know that isn't true and I am scared of not being good enough but with experiance I know that attitude will change. I am also taking Introduction to Painting and I can't wait to paint. Though I have no idea what I should paint. Most of my ideas have been worn thin. Hopefully with much brainstorming and research I will find a new way of looking at things therefore a new way of appoarching what I paint.
So, that is all I got. Hope this isn't for a grade. Let's learn a lot and do our best. See you class.

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