Monday, May 5, 2008

What is the future of Graphic Design?

That is a very open ended question. You will always have people who like things to stay the way they are. The same holds true for graphic design. In the near future I see things to stay the same for a while, as far as the tools we use for graphic design. Photoshop, illustrator, etc. Now as far as the design aspect goes. We have been in a continues loop of looking back to the 70’s and 60’s for design ideas. Which if you really think about it, it is what has to be done. A person in this field has to look at what was successful in the past and find ways to make a similar idea work for them, (without doing a blatant rip-off). Do I see a graphic designer having the huge supercomputer of a work station (you know that ones from all the futuristic movies) in the future. Yes but not in the near future. I say that because Graphic design will always have a place in society. As long as there are people with a product to sell, and consumers to buy that product then graphic design as a whole is not going away. Much like the tools of our generation have changed maybe the computer will not always be the mane tool of the graphic designer. Personally I am still holding out for the hollo deck. J But seriously folks. Design is what it is and has been that way for a long time. The tools have evolved yes but at the heart of it all are the people willing to explore new ideas and push the limits of technology as far as they will go.

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