Monday, May 5, 2008

Over the years graphic design has gone through many changes and continues to change still today. The very first symbol was sketched through cave drawings and paintings. Examples of early drawings are that of carved stone and pottery containers. Egyptian pyramids contained drawings with signs, symbols and letters. The first book was produced by the Gutenberg press. Which became the standard form of book printing. In the early 20th century the trademark of early modern fonts is the sans-serif typeface.
Modern computer technology has changed typography production altogether. The flourishing period for graphic design was after World War II. The demand of graphic design, especially on advertisement and packaging sectors blossomed. Photography was also progressing. In the mid 1980s, the arrival of the desktop publishing and production of software applications like Illustrator and Page Maker brings continued change. Today we have an overwhelming presence of graphic design. The technology today is everywhere. A person can text message or send pictures to another person thousands of miles away and receive the in a matter of seconds. We can watch or create images in many forms. The growth of graphic design speaks for its-self. What is the future of graphic design? Graphic design will continue to grow and change. The technology of the world changes extremely often and graphic will continue to over exceed all of our expectations.

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