Monday, May 5, 2008

What is the future of graphic design?

The future of graphic design is a sea of possibilities. Graphic design will continue to adapt to its ever changing mediums in the most effective way possible. Graphic design is going to become important with our continuing growth in visual arts and communications. It's style will be continually changing to match the interest of the time. With all of the technological advances of the future the change could be daily. The focus of the future designs and advertising will change to adhere to the younger population.
That means allowing everyone to customize their displays and communicate in their own unique way. As it is right now many e-mail accounts and online blogs will allow each user to customize their own space to fit their particular taste and style, pretty soon they might be allowed to customize pretty much everything.
With the growing popularity of being able to "do it yourself" that has come from the everyday use of the computer and the cell phone. It is not so far fetched to say that one day just about everyone will be able to do graphics. Althought everyone will not be as skilled and trained as graphic design artist are they will all be some form of graphic design artists.

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