Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Proliferation of Imagery

The amount of images that we are bombarded with daily has become overbearing. In the past 50 years technology has advanced so quickly. We went from print, to photographs, to radio, to television, to the internet and beyond. We have advanced much farther technologically than, in my opinion, out brains can handle. I try to imagine what my life would be like without my TV, radio, and computer. I can some it up in one word. Quiet. I'm sure I would have written letters often and would have had more visitors at my house than friends on my myspace page. I think that it would be much less stressful to live without all of the imagery we see today. Much of it is useless. And there is far too much to sort it all out. I think it has affected the way humans think in general. Our thoughts are much more crowded with not only our daily lives, but with information from all around the world, all the time. We can access the weather from our phones. Which means we check it more often than before. Just like our email. I feel like in my life, I have to ignore half of what's going on around me in order to think straight, and I think many others feel the same way. Our demands increase because we can easily multitask, and therefore feel it necessary to pack our schedules full. We don't want to miss anything. We have tivo for when we are not home. Away messages, text messages, and a billion other ways to talk. I think the best example would be walking into wal mart after a really busy day at work. It is so overwhelming for me to go into that store. I want to get in there and get out as soon as possible because I feel like I'm going to have a seizure from all the advertisements. I think if there wasn't so much visual bombardment  that we would all think a bit more clearly. 

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