Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How do you think the proliferation of imagery in the world of at large, has change the way people think and/or process information?

Reading, a pass time no longer a way to get the information we need or crave. Show me a book without pictures and I will show you a tree without trunk! This is the way most people feel about no images in most of the book they come in contact today. They need to be able to get the information fast and clear. To do this they need a image that don’t leave any empty space to be fill with imagination or random though.
Radio was a faster way to get information before the TV was invented. But they still couldn’t see it so they had that extra space to fill with fantasies. This is how radio was keeping listeners by broadcasting story telling times. TV came along and now there it is full image of what is going on out there. Before was control people had a hart time facing the reality of this images. The Government and TV networks use this for their advantage to now manipulate the images that we even get on TV.
The news papers and magazines are doing the same thing just to compete with the other media and similar competitors. We pay the price the viewer, the ones processing the information. If you feed bad food to a cow, you will end up with a mad cow! This is why some people chose not to believe in most images they see. And as technology advances and more and more are introduce to the public it becomes harder to take most of it seriously.
But at the end of the day it has become second nature and we can preaty much handle it. At the same time not even noticing that influences and the things we may do just because I saw it on a billboard or a magazine.
If it look cool, I wanted! Graphics and images are as much as part of our lives as breading is so. Good luck, Hope for the best! And don’t buy it…
If you can’t handle it. Just turn the Stupid TV off! Later…

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