Monday, April 7, 2008

Political Propaganda

Propaganda is another form of advertising only rather than trying to sell people a product, propaganda sells ideas. The use of propaganda became more popular with the first world was and was used as a way to recruit people to fight. Each side created their own style of propaganda, but the more effective style was a more bold simplistic and literal style of propaganda. A "cut the bull shit" and get down to business way of doing things. That style was started by the allies during world war 1. We still use that style of propaganda today. Why change a good thing, right?

With the ongoing WAR AGAINST TERRORISM and the upcoming presidential election we see a lot of political propaganda. Propaganda in which people are voicing their opinions on our current political power as well as the up coming political hopefuls.

Example of propaganda against current political power...

In this image we have our current president Bush talking on the phone in confusion. It is expressing that due to his "Iraq Policy" and plan against terrorism the United States has accumulated many enemies. This image was created with the intent to rally others to believing in similar ideas.

Other more popular forms of propaganda we see in our everyday lives are those designed to recruit people into our military. We see "Be all you can be!" commercials for the u.s. army and others.

This image was designed to combat the widely viewed idea that women should not be in combat. It is also a recruiting tactic to draw women into joining the armed forces.

Propaganda is "the activity of spreading particular ideas, opinions etc according to an organized plan, eg by a government"-
Most powerful form of advertising...propaganda.

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