Monday, April 14, 2008

I have mixed feelings on government funding the arts. I have to say that I truly have not even thought about this specific topic before. I believe question is like so many questions that get asked about the government funding anything. I believe that there are good reasons entangled with a mixture of bad reasons in the government funding the arts. The National Endowment for the Arts supports a lifelong learning in the arts, through grants, partnerships, research, and national initiatives. The NEA grant supports a wide range of programs, including educational programs for adults, and K-12 partnerships between art institutions and educators. The NEA funds school-based and community-based grant programs that help children acquire knowledge and understanding of and skills in the arts. I agree the programs that are offered through the NEA are good and I am glad that they are there. It is hard to decide exactly how I feel about this topic. I wonder what the world of arts would be like without the help that it has received from the government. Would we have all the museums that are here today without government funding? It would be nice to have funding available without having the stipulations that come with them. The government helps with funding the arts, but wants the say of how the arts are to be exhibited. I do not always like everything that I see or hear, but I believe that my opinion does not count for everyone else.

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