Monday, April 14, 2008

Government Funding of the Arts

I have mixed feelings about the government funding the arts. On one hand the government could help the arts. If the arts received federal aid then they would be able to continue to provide us with entertainment and art. We would no longer have problems such as the recent writers strikes. Our society today revolves around the arts; from movies, to tv, to plays, to paintings, and even billboards. So if the government funded these then we would be able to continue living our lives without the worry of not having these things.

On the other hand, I feel that allowing the government to fund the arts is dangerous. Look at what happened when the Nazi party took over the arts. People were put in jail, others killed, and some even committed suicide. Im not saying that our government would do the same but there is a fine line there. If the government put money into the arts then though be able to say that they have control over it. They could tell us what is and what is not art. They would be able to tell us what we could make as art and what we could not. They would be able to fine us for doing things they deemed to be not art. There are all kinds of things the government could do if they funded the arts.

I am mixed about the subject. There are good things that can happen from it; there are bad things that could happen from it. So in all honesty I really dont know what I believe on the subject.

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