Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How does Romanesque art and architecure reflect the times in terms of form, style and content?

Romanesque means "Romanlike"and it was given on 19Th century to describe European architecture of the 11Th and 12Th centuries. The romanesgue era is the first since Archaic and classical Greece to take its name from an artistic style rather than from politics or geography .on the text page#327.
Romanesgue reflects many times in terms of form, styles and contents as the same priod as the gothic period. Romanesgue buildings from earlier mediaval timber roofed structures, as well as from later Gothic churches with vaults resting on pointed arches.Vaults were not only for the look it was for the purpose of safetyness for the tall arches from collapsing, but they were not always vaulted.Churches became bigger and more beautiful with 2 or 3 stories of high ceiling and lots of open area including windows, thick walls and doors and beautifully decorated in romanesque time. In the Romanesque age, the construction of churches became almost an obsession.
Pilgrims were important sources of funding for those monasteries that possessed the relics of venerated saints. The enormous investment in ecclesiastical buildings and furnishings also reflected a significant increase in Pilgrimagetraffic in romanesgue Europe. As is true of Romanesque architecture and sculpture, painting of this period exhibits considerable regional and stylistic diversity.
They did lots of mural paintings that painted the god and angels but they didn't have so many sculpture they did, as looking at the text book the paintings had lots of emotional expressions. the sculpture didn't have facial expression, speacially the one on 12-30 on the text book, virgin and child made by wood, the child almost look like grown adult but compare to the virgin it doesn't have the right measurements. Maybe thats because they were too into building churches at the time period and didn't pay that much attention for the sculptures they made.

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