Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What is the future for Graphic Design?

Considering the fast paced image based world that we live in, I think graphic design has a bright future. I think that graphic designers will continue to be in demand because everyone wants a logo; everyone needs to advertise. Especially since we have moved to a service and retail oriented society, everyone has a need to sell their goods or services, and they need a way to catch the buyer's attention. For every aspect of life a graphic of some sort is needed. A problem I foresee continuing in the future is that everyone thinks they are a designer or a graphics artist. I think there will still be competition between trained and educated graphic artists and untrained uneducated people who have bought some software. In some ways I feel like my minimal education is being undermined when a person has some sort of graphics software and calls themself a graphic designer. I think that since anyone can buy the software, and anyone can post anything on the web, those of us who are pursuing graphic design as a career choice, have to have an edge. I see it becoming increasingly competitive between trained designers, and designers will have to be able to fulfill a client's entire graphics need. A designer will have to be able to create a corporate identity that includes web design, advertising, video, possibly building design and interior design/decorating, everything. This is in the tradition of Peter Behrens and I see this being the future as well. I also see everything moving more toward web based media. I don't think that the newspaper or magazine will disappear anytime soon, but I think that online versions will be more and more available and more and more complete. I see designers having to do page layouts for print and web that are cohesive. The designer has to become a jack of all trades in a way.

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