Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Future of graphic design

The future of graphic design seems to be a digital one.  Yet at the same time there seems to move away from making it look digital.  After the 90s where computerized images were sought after, there now seems to be trend to have things look more human.  Imperfect lines, and hand drawn text.  All things that have that human touch.  Especially in a time when people are going green, so to speak, and the economy in recession, digital graphics will most likely become more popular for a while.  Some things are going digital also just for convenience.
For example most companies have no applications. The only way to apply now is on-line for most business's.  Even some design firms prefer to view designers online presence then see  portfolio.  There will always be print, but I think for a bit there will be a rise in digital media.  Digital media has been on the rise for a while simply because of its ability to be reproduced so easily.  
Besides that there seems to a rise of designers having artistic style to pieces.  Everyone has there own style obviously, but a more apparent style is starting to come through.  Certain designers are being commissioned now to make a logo specifically in their distinct style.  Take for example vault 49.  When you see a vault 49 advertisement, you know what it is because of the style and nothing else.  This is something that seems to new to the design world s before the designer tried making a graphic that would be associated with the company, and not the designer.  It seems to slowly coming around as I'm starting to see it more and more.   Beyond that it is important to realize that the digital is a big part of design that isn't going away anytime soon. 

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