Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How do you think the proliferation of imagery in the world at large, has changed the way people think and/or process information?

That is a relatively simple yet complex question. We have become a visual culture, granted we still read books but most of our information has some kind of an image to go with it. Let’s say you go to the store and buy a desk or a TV stand or anything that requires assembly. The instructions will come in written form yes but 99% of the time almost everything that you need to know to assemble something is shown to you in picture form. Everywhere you look there are images. Hek, images are what make or brake a news paper. You pick up a newspaper, front page, A tornado hit someone’s house. You might read the article yes but what is going to stay in your head is going to be the image of that persons torn up house. Same thing when the towers fell in 01, and when the bridge went down, and just about any other important thing that had happened in our lives. When a person grows up they may see an image that triggers a childhood memory that had long been forgotten. It was thanks to the advection of the TV with its moving pictures that did away with radio dramas. You no longer had to sit by the radio and imagine what was happening. Now you could see it all. Hell even this Pepsi that I am drinking right now has an image on the can not just the logo. That another thing I have not touched on yet. Images allowed for the creation of logos which over time led to a person not even needing word to identify some things.

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