Wednesday, April 23, 2008

AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Too much information!

i just did an experiment that has got me thinking (not to mention sick).  i just counted the logo's i can see from my desk chair.  anyone want to guess? 

without moving anything and just what i can see enough to recognize, i saw over fifty individual Logo's!  thinking about it makes my head spin.  thats just it.  i don't think about it.  if i can see over fifty just from my seat,  how many am i exposed to every day?!?  what about death?  i bet in a single news brief there are five or six references to the subject.  famous faces?  i  have no idea how many we see. they find there way on to tee-shirts,  handbags,  posters, and every other way you can imagine. what does it mean for the rising over stimulated generation? 

if i had to guess, i would say Lots more ADHD.  we can now (if made correctly) watch a movie such as lord of the rings, and absorb in just a few hours what would have taken weeks to read a few hours a day.  when you think about it the potential is really amazing.  we could see impressive leaps in science and technology due to an increased capacity to absorb images so rapidly and effectively.  i believe that has already started to take place.   the trade off is of course that we can barley get thought a multiple-page letter, and you can forget about us writing one ( i mean legible hand writing).

the written word has become augmented with image in the vast majority of cases.  perhaps, the most difficult thing about this phenomena is the manipulation of imagery in the news media.  how are we to know what is or isn't.  is this how it is or a self serving agenda of the author?  i a personally have become quite skeptical of news sources.  in the day of photoshop and desktop and internet publishing. i really don't think we have scratched the surface of this amazing new frontier.


p.s. if you thought that was bad, my initial idea was to post an artical with ridiculous amounts of eclectic images and simply say, what did this just do to you?  i just didn't know if i would get credit for doing the assignment.

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