Wednesday, April 23, 2008

During World War I, propaganda and visual persuasion was used to boost and maintain support for the war effort. After World War II, visual persuasion turned toward consumer goods and with all the technological advances visualization became increasingly popular. Today we are overwhelmed with the technology and imagery of the world.
When television first came out there was not many families that owned one. In the world today there are many families that own at least two televisions for their home. Many people spend so much time watching television that I think they become addicted.
How would people today be able to cope without the use of computers and cell phones? We rely on the everyday use of these items. After having the capability to call, text or send a picture to someone at any time are we now servants to the phone company? It’s our life-line to our children, family and friends. Computers are used for many reasons, but the one that I was thinking about is many parents have started taking their children to childcare centers that offer online viewing of the center so they can check in on their kids at any time. Imagery of the world today is not all bad, but have we let it go so far that we let it run our lives now? Do we see so much now that we learned not to trust others? When the world did not see everything that was going on everywhere did we trust better?

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