Sunday, April 13, 2008

Government Funding of the Arts

For decades the United States government have spent millions of dollars funding a wide variety of visual and performing arts projects. Most all of these funds comes from our tax dollars. But is it really necessary? Just what project should receive funding and what projects should not? These are questions that have been on the public's mind since the government funding program began.

I, like so many other Americans, believes that The National Endowment for the Arts has long abused their responsibilities as far as administer their funds. It is true that without this group many struggling artist would not have had the chance to reach their full potential. Many on the other hand had been turned away destined to work outside of art never to return. This is the true travesty.

I believe that the current administrators of this program, those that choose the projects, should be replaced and a new system be in place. A system that gives legitimate artist a chance not just those that support the liberal agenda of the current administration within the Endowment organization. I believe that the current caretakers have abused and made a mockery of our free speech right.

I believe that spending thousands of dollars for flags along a sidewalk in New York is a complete waste of money. This is not art. It is simply putting up a lot of boring single colored flags along a sidewalk. Funding so called artist that put animal dung on a piece of canvas is a waste of funds that could go to an artist that could be the next de Vinci. By funding these so called "art" project, the Endowment breeds controversy which diverts attention away from those that have talent and deserve a break.

I think that the current government funding of the arts needs to be restructured first before eliminating it all together. I believe that those that have the power to choose who gets funded and who doesn't needs to step back and put bios aside. Its time for them to take a good overall look at the arts instead of a narrow view of it. It is great to live in a country that can help struggling artist to reach for the stars. It is time for a change.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

Those single colored flags which you speak of is a work by Christo. He funds his own work entirely.