Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Presention of Russian Idols

What interested me the most about the presention was the fact that i thought this was going to be about a whole new religion but its about the same as the Catholic reilgion and all the many Russian icons. How they do certain things and what they believe except the pictures on the walls. The icons on the walls are very interesting to me especially when a person is used to blank walls or stained glass windows. the bright blue color really captures your imangination. of course, thats exactly what the religion is going for. the idea that you are not on earth but in another world. how they draw the icons is another world and/ or time. this could help someone become pure enough to open up to God himself and could possilbly change your life. Aslo, they have Saints just like the Catholic religion. The saints are represented on the walls just like the Catholics would with statues. the icons interested me the most on how they actually had some portions were threw off to make them like for example, the books in a person's hands or arms look bigger. they would draw the front smaller then make the back cover bigger. Also, how the religion came around to be with someone wanting to find a religion that would be the best for his people. Also, artwork that followed was changed throughour the years but only in small amonuts. Because there are rules on how to paint and represent each person or protrait.

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