Monday, April 14, 2008

Government Funding: Good or Bad?

Like many of the other students that have already posted their opinions, I can’t say that I have given much thought to the matter. I think that government funding could be a good thing. Without some kind of assistance, art may slowly start to fade from our society. But as with any pro, there are a few cons to go with it. The NEA has helped the arts to flourish in places that would not have normally had access to them, but at what cost? It provides grants and funds to art programs and schools across the nation, though in the process may have compromised some creative freedoms.

Looking at the web page for the NEA, I was also reminded of the film we recently watched about Degenerate Art in Germany during WWII. I don’t think that anything like that could happen here in the United States, or at least not to such a dramatic extent, but since the government would be the ones funding the arts, they would probably be shaping it or censoring it in some way or other. So I think that while many good things could come out of government funding for the arts, at the same time there are plenty of reasons for the government not to get too involved.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

I think you are probably right about a "Degenerate Art" phenomenon happening here. The country is too big to pull that off....but that doesn't keep people from trying. Germany is about the size of Georgia, and it's a heckuva lot easier to eradicate "offensive" art from that size geographic area.