Monday, April 14, 2008

Government Funding the Arts

After giving this unique question much thought and consideration, I can honestly say that I feel the government should fund art and artists. Although I am not an artist, I feel like it is unfair if the government funds stuff that is beneficial to me in my teaching career and not art as its self or artists.
As I have mentioned before, I am an Early Childhood Education major and am currently subbing for Rogers School Districts. Every time I walk inside a classroom to teach, I see all the new and improved different programs, materials, centers, and many more softwares that are extremely beneficial to the students while also allowing and helping to create an environment that is more meaningful and relevant to each individual child.
Personally, I do not understand why the government already doesn't fund arts because they fund almost everything else. Since the provide so much for all the schools, it allows the children to expand their knowledge and have more opportunities to succeed. In saying that, if the government funded the arts, more artists would be able to fully show who they are as their own unique individual while at the same time being able to fully explore their own artwork and spread their work farther and feel a better sense of accomplishment.
Usually, when I think or hear the word government, I seem to catch myself not having much positive or negative to say about them and seem to mostly go with the flow. However, most importantly I feel that everyone should be provided with the same amount of money spent on whatever their occupation may be ranging from teaching to being an artists. I feel that more individuals who are seeking a career in art or becoming an artists would feel very appreciative if the government would fund them at least some sort of money because to me there really isn't a difference if the funding is for a elementary school, art school, artists, or art work. Everyone should have the chance and the opportunity to succeed in whatever they choose to do or have a dream for during their lifetime.

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