Monday, April 14, 2008

Government funding the Arts?

Ever heard of a "Struggling Artist"? The governments funding of the arts allows artists to work even when the demand for art work is down. Because it allows artist to continue their work it also allows the art field to grow. Some of the most inspired times in the history of art have been times when art was not necessarily the most popular item on the market.
During the great depression President Franklin D. Roosevelt established the Works Progress Administration. It offered relief for the unemployed, and gave artist and other unemployed peoples job oppertunities. Millions of poster copies were produced. Through these posters artists were able to continue to create and communicate their designs to the public. Expressing new ideas and inspirations. If the governments did not fund some of the arts programs that they do people like me would not be able to attend school to do the work that we love to do. Art is a necessity even when it is not considered a necessity. Through advertising and communicating with large groups.
Its good to know that for the most part the governments understand that.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

The Great Depression had its own share of censorship of the arts. See this link.