Monday, April 14, 2008

Government funding the arts

I am not sure what I think about the government funding art. If it was the governments’ money then yeah they can do what they want with it. But since they are using tax payer’s money to give to aspiring artist that may or may not make it in the real world then that needs to be re-thought. The government will never have an un-bias opinion towards anything they do. They will always give money to the rich and minorities. So therefore I don’t think that it is really fare unless they could somehow work out a way to help out everyone. Who is to say that an artist is not a good artist? What one person likes to see in there art may not be what another person likes. Therefore the people in charge of granting money to the arts could all have the same idea of what kind of art they want to see and if an artist does not create that particular style of art then he will not be given any financial help. The same goes for minorities. Often a particular minority could get financial help from the government much easier than someone who is not considered to be a minority. What happens when a government funded artist decides that he or she wants to venture into another business path? Then the tax payers’ money is just wasted. Now I am sure that there are plenty of great artist that receive government help that will go on to do great things. But there is no way that everyone that the government gives money to will be great.

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