Monday, April 14, 2008

The Government Founding The Arts?

Well my thoughts about government founding the arts is, well I don’t know much about this, but I believe that it’s a good and a bad idea. If the government founded the art then they own the art. That’s a bad idea. But does that mean that the people own the art as well since we pay the government tax money and they use our money to fund the art. But does the public want this? Does the government even care and support about the arts? Or there just want to buy everything they can get their hands on? That’s what I want to know. In this country we have the freedom of expression, but does the government want to own that too huh! Any who, if the government fund the art then the artist should get paid for encouraging freedom of thought, imagination, and inquiry in there works of art. Or does the government want to strict the artist and be like the Nazis with their degenerative art. I hope that never happens. All i`m saying is that I believe that art is too important to be dependent upon the government and politicians thats all. I hope people will be serious about this situation.

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