Thursday, May 1, 2008

Photography and Art

  i feel that photography gave a certain Freedom to art and Artists.  prior to photography many artists were trying to capture visual likeness.  along comes photography and captures a better visual likeness than many of the best artists ever could.  this means two things.  one, that the pursuit of visual likeness had been achieved; two, that the public at large was no longer concerned with their pursuit.  this means in order to Survive artists had to pursue some other likeness or cause.  many went to a likeness in feeling as with impressionists.  others such as cubists went for a different approach to 2 dimensional art and likeness.

 photography opened new doors to those who wanted to capture a moment then paint from a picture. personally i would say that some Photography is fine Art.  therefore there is a new media for artists created.  

as for Graphic Design,  photography radically changed the types of things that can be done with the 2-d image.  this is also at a time when print media was the media of Information.  photography allowed for a consistent visual likeness that was accessible to the public.  i'm sure that many illustrators lost jobs if they didn't change their approach a little.  this forced change in approach undoubtedly led to illustrative talent going to all sorts of places.

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