Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Close your eyes and breathe...

I agree that imagery and technology has added some benefits to our daily lives and most of us would loose our minds and finally be forced to face reality if all of this stimulation was to suddenly disappear. There is an overload of information in all forms in the world today. Not only do we suffer from uncontrollable distractions, we use them to distract us from what ever it is we wish to escape. What happened to the days when we could jump in the car, throw on some great music and spend some time with ourselves? Instead I look around and see people glued to their cell phones. I will admit, I can not ignore my ringing phone when I am traveling. What I find interesting is that the images that are reaching us through advertising and marketing today are making an impact on you in ways you are not even aware of. The people developing these ideas are trained and put a lot of thought into what it is they want to get across. With so much of this around us, I believe we have grown a tolerance. People are not even aware of how all of this information is affecting them. There is a lot shooting at us at all times and I think some of us are more sensitive to it than others but it affects (infects) everyone. This goes for promotion, media, and simple advertisements alike.   I feel like I am on overload sometimes and I watch maybe 3 hours of tv a week at the most. My thoughts? Even with the lack of television, I can not escape it. Stop The Noise and let us think!!! As a graphic design student... this is the only problem I have: Do I really want to contribute to useless noise that is contaminating the minds of my fellow society goers? I think we all have to figure out how far we are willing to go to make a buck and if what we are asked to do fits into our "business belief system." But that's a subject for another time.

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