Wednesday, April 2, 2008

advantages of a theortic government

some people may thing that there could be advantages to a theortic governent as in the people or the population is controled by one leader under the rule of a church or religion. Everyone would look the same, dress the same, and even think the same way. Then to most is would a very boring place indeed. but if you think about it, we are already forced to look alike and think alike by our own government. It may not be thru a church but sometimes they impliy that to what happens. Rulers in a theortic government would most likly put the fear or God into the people. Say things like "if you don't do this God will condem you to the underworld. " forcing people to believe that if they don't wear a greeen rope on tuesday , lets say, they will condemed by a holy power. Like I said scary and boring at the same time. Most people like myself like to have indiviualty in the world. You see people that have pink hair or they wear their hair in a mohawk and you look at them with awe. But at the same time people are forced to think everyone else and they see that person as a freak or everyone has to be dressed in tight jeans and shirts that DON'T EVEN COVER anything. Society has been forced not by a church by their own people that they have to form to look like eveyone else, but that's alittle off the subject, but similar to what could happen if the world was controled by a theoractic governement. Just think about it. Would you perfer to look like everyone else and forced to wear the same hair cut or would you perfer to be yourself?

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