Wednesday, April 2, 2008

advantages and disadvantages to a theocratic government

The advantages of a theocratic government are limited to only those who are the religious leaders ruling the government. There are unlimited disadvantages to having a theocratic government. Oppression being the most notable disadvantage, there could not be a theocratic government without it. If a person did not believe in the religion that was ruling would be a problem for them, they would most likely be persecuted. There would be no individuality among people and there would be no free thinkers. An example of this would be no separation of church and state, which affects what is taught in school. What children would be taught and what they would learn would be from a religious perspective. There would be one truth learned in schools, there would be no what ifs, it would be this is the way things are and there is no other way. Another disadvantage would be where our laws came from. If it were a Christian theocracy our laws would come most likely from the bible. There are a few differences in our society now then when those laws were made. If there were modifications to these laws there would be no voting, the religious leaders would decide. Every aspect of someone’s life would go back to the religious leaders making the decisions. The only people doing what they wanted would be the leaders, and their only justification for doing something could be it was God’s will or it is what God wants. While our democracy has its issues, it has many more advantages for those of us who are not always in a divine state.

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