Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What are the advantage and disadvantages of having a theocratic government?

“The word theocracy originates from the Greek θεοκρατία (theokratia), meaning "the rule of God". This in turn derives from the Greek words θεος (theos, from an Indo-European root occurring in religious concepts), meaning “god,” and κρατειν (kratein), meaning “to rule.” Thus the meaning of the word in Greek was “rule by god(s)” or human incarnation(s) of god(s).” *

Advantages for a civil theocratic leadership would be control of the masses. People would be violating civil law and religious code if they chose to disobey. The punishment would be extended on earth in this life and religiously in after life. Consolidation of power would feed both the government administrative force and the religious hierarchy, with the government being subordinate. Change would be rare and humans are comfortable with no change. The wealth could be used to supply the needs of all. A feeling of well being would be experienced by everyone.

Disadvantages would emerge through a disagreement from part of the government or from with in the people that is ruled. A difference of opinion would disrupt the established well being. Confusion would lead to a split in loyalty to religion, government or efficiency in the daily lives of the people. Therefore, theocracy does not allow for individuality or opinionated differences. Travelers returning to their country are able to compare the differences in leadership. An established religion or government may be viewed as stagnant or outdated. A religion, government or political force could take advantage of the well being of its people.

* , 2 April, 2008

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