Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Theocratic Givernment.

I suppose lots of things can come out having a theocratic government. I mean I guess it would be kind of a smart move for a politician. It could make your "loyal subjects" a little easier to control. Then again people don't really like change, and they could start rebelling and the next thing you know you're being over thrown or even worse killed. It could also help regulate the economy and things of that nature. There would be a more patterned way of life, instead of just a free for all going on all the time. Of course, there would be no free will anymore. People would just be like little machines being told what to do and when to do it. So everything would be predictable and a little boring. It might be an easy way to consolidate power too. With everything running real smooth all the time, there wouldn't really be any room for debate or question to the day to day tasks people followed. So there might not be that much of a need for "policing" the public, assuming they all followed the laws to the T. On the other hand, extreme cultural shifts every time a new person came into power could be a little hardening on a rulers people. It might be a little tough to get everyone to follow suit after they had devoted their lives to one religion, and then have to totally revamp their entire life every time there was a new king in power. The economy could also take a hit with a continuous power shift. So poverty could become and issue. So, in conclusion, I guess the good and the bad kind of equal out, which make it hard for me to decide which one would be better. However, I am a big supporter of free will and so my opinion would have to be that someone telling me I had to do something just wouldn't fly. I'm too hard headed for all that jazz.

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