Tuesday, April 1, 2008

MJS_Theocratic Government_Journal #6

What are the advantages and disadvantages
of having a theocratic government?

First of all the meaning of Theology 1 : the study of religious faith, practice, and experience. So, a theocratic government is a government based on religion and state governing. It is a consolidation of power. In other words if a person does not follow or agree with the rules, that person would be put to death or cast out of society. A theocratic government would completely transform a person’s life, as they know it today. If a government were a theocratic government then in my opinion it would be like having a religious communist dictator in charge.

Communism 1 : a political doctrine based on revolutionary
Marxist socialism that was the official ideology of the U.S.S.R.
and some other countries 2 : a system of government in which
one party controls state-owned means of production – communist – communistic

The advantages of having a theocratic government are few. The appointed ruler (who by the way is appointed by his religions god) would be responsible for taking care of his people/ followers. He would be the people’s king. And most of all he would rule the people. Now, all of these things are advantages of the theocratic government for the ruler of the people. The only one mentioned above that might be an advantage for the people is the ruler’s responsibility to take care of his people/ followers. I am sure there is at least one more advantage that I am not thinking of.

The disadvantages of having a theocratic government would all be individualized. Each person would have his or her own individual disadvantages. And that brings me to individuality. No one would be able to experience his or her own individuality. They would have to instead conform to what the theocratic government told them to be or think. A person would not be able to believe what they think is right as far as religion and rules are concerned. Everyone would have to believe the same as their ruler or die. If every one believed the same thing (oh my gosh) it would be so boring. There would no longer be freedom of speech, because in order to have freedom of speech a person would need the right to disagree with others freely. There are so many disadvantages of having a theocratic government. Which makes me thankful that I do not live in a theocratic government.

Misty J Slavens

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