Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a theocratic government?

The actual word Theocracy comes from the Greek word "the rule of God". First off having a Theocratic government means a God is recognized as the overall supreme ruler over its citizens. The leader of the government felt that they had a personal connection with God. By following a theocratic government in return they promised its government to be divinely blessed.

As far as some disadvantages they are as follows: It’s citizens would be forced to lack individuality everyone must behave in the same manner in order to keep the peace. There isn’t a separation between the church and state what so ever. Citizens within a theocratic government that choose to practice other religious beliefs are often outcasted. Citizens were forced to switch to the theocratic religion/government. A lot of people were forced to believe something they didn’t want to and hadn’t believed in. Therefore causing a huge debate. People don’t like change especially those people that have lived their lives in a another manner previously. I’m certain that those people that chose not to convert were outcasts.

As far as advantages there is no debate on religion since everyone follows the same god. Its citizens were actually allowed a certain amount of freedom the government treated its citizens quite well to better keep the peace and justice between its citizens. All laws are based upon religious texts. Proving the intermixing of church and state. Another advantage is the citizens would be a lot easier to control. A lot more subjects would be loyal to their government seeing as they believed they were connected with God. Due to this the citizens believed that the ruler would take care of them. Putting their faith into the ruler even more so.

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