Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Greek beliefs about the human being and the human body are continured to this day?

According to the philosopher Protagoras humans were "the measure of all things" and the Greeks believed in honoring the individual and that the individual represented perfection. What the Greeks considered ideal for appearance is still what our society considers ideal today. The Greek statues of nude men shows there physiques to be strong, tall and muscular. This idea of beauty or what a man “should” look like came from ancient Greek sculpture. The same is true for the female sculptures; the women are softer, curvier and more delicate. Many of our society’s ideas concerning the human body and what it should look like originated with the Greeks. The Greeks putting their gods into human form meant that the body had to be perfect and the Greek idea of perfection for the body was big, broad shouldered men and soft curvy women. While the ideal body for a woman has only recently changed from a more curvy voluptuous body to a very thin, skinny body there are still elements from the Greek figures that remain. It is still attractive for a woman to have the appearance of curves with large breasts. It is all very unrealistic, but these ideas were supposed to be god like and the Greeks wanted to be like the gods and therefore wanted these kinds of physiques. Some things, however, have changed men no longer walk around in public naked and the female body is considered to be more attractive than the male body. All cultures have their idea of what is perfect and beautiful, the Greeks happened to idealize muscular men and soft women.

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