Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Greek beliefs about the human being and the human body are countinued to this day?

In ancient Greece the male body was sculpted to almost a perfect anatomy of what they thought the male was supposed to look like. For the male anatomy was sculpted in the nude almost all hte time and teh greeks believed that the male nude body was pretty much God like! And the woman in ancient greece was not viewed as something majical or God like, they were thought of as powerless. So there was no need to make sculptures of them. The male body even though it was in the nude was not viewed in a sexual way at all. It was common for men to be nude, even though today it would be very uncomforting to see men walking in the nude. But the way the Greeks thoght about how the mens body were so spectacular and were wowed by them, in todays time the roles have quite reversed. Now in modern times mens bodys were not viewed and awwed after. The female body is what turns the heads now, there they had sculptures of men pasing in the nude and today we have women passing in the nude in magazines. Spite that it has a massive sexual meaning behind it. But we now look at women and gawk over it. That to me is how today Greeks beliefs about the human body. Even though the role has changed it still to this day keeps humans craving more of what the Greeks started. And it has a huge role on everyday life.

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