Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Greeks Beliefs Today

The Greeks believed long ago that the human body was a work of art and it had no sexual content. The Greeks would run around naked and admired their bodies for what they had and never hide it. The Greeks would go into battle wearing nothing but a smile. The beliefs that the Greeks had back in the time of Alexader the Great are not completely carried through today. All we see is sex, sex, sex! Instead of looking at the human figure as art we as a society look at the body more like "I'd do that" (if you know what i mean) then "wow! that's beautiful" . Also we have so bent on keeping up on the "jones" that we worry alot about how our looks are then anything else in the world, it seems. The Greeks would run around nake as can be but we worry about how these jeans make my butt look good or not. Some of society don't really worry as much as others but when was the last time you saw a woman get ready in under an hour or thirty minutes. In some ways we still the body as beautiful and amazing but only to artist's eyes do they see what the Greeks saw.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

That's true. Artists do see the beauty of form, while the general public often does not. The actual process of drawing/sculpting/painting from the nude is quite clinical and anything but sexual.