Wednesday, March 12, 2008

is less more?

Is less more?

I think less is definitely more in terms of design. All the elements that contribute to a good design have to do with less is more (continuation, closure, figure/ground relationship.) When these elements are used with design, the design becomes simplified. The viewer isn't given everything with the design, there are those important elements that make it interesting. Those designs that use those elements are memorable and more appealing. 

Personally, I

 am attracted to colors that have a limited color palette. I think these designs are excellent. 

If you look at these designs, you'll notice they are quite simple. Designers do have to be careful that their design isn't TOO simple. It's a fine line designers walk.. they want the design to be simplified but at the same time they still want the elements to be appealing. Even I contradict myself when I talk about this topic because every design is different and sometimes saying less is more is confusing because when you begin using the elements and principles of design they look like there is "less" but in the designers mind, they add to the design, which could be more. (Adding these principles make the design more complex, adding to the design, but by adding these principles it makes the design look less (simplified.)

All in all, I would say that in design, I believe less is more.. as long as the less is what makes it more. :) 

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