Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is Less More in Terms of Design??

After thinking about the different designs or logos that I seem to remember the best or feel have the most meaning along with impact on my life as my very own individual, I feel that less is defiantly more in terms of design. Although I have never created or made my own logo or designs, I feel that when I am driving down the road and see two different signs advertising, I seem to focus more on the ones that are not overwhelming and are straight to the point. Now, in terms of design, there are plenty of logos and designs in the world that require different amounts of texts, illustrations, and colors in which more of a busy mood may be necessary.

However, I feel strongly that one individual can receive the same important message about something even if it is done in a more simplistic type of design. Even though I haven't ever set down and made my own design, I notice myself looking closer at designs that are still attention getting, varying in color, and having different text effects rather than the ones in which the space is completely filled and begins to seem overwhelming.

Throughout my lifetime, I have noticed and seen different designs in which it is honestly surprising how hard the individual tried to catch someones attention. I would rather be interested by just looking at a glance of an eye catching design rather than knowing someone spent 4 months on something that could have been created and had the same worth in skill put in to it in a much shorter time period. I am not saying that designers today should rush through their work, however I am saying that I feel it is highly important to create a design that is eye catching while remembering to make the design appealing rather than causing different individuals stress and tension from the overwhelming of choices of colors, font types, and sizes.

After thinking back to the many different logos and advertisements that I feel stick in my head the best, all of those designs are all appealing to my eyes, eye catching, have color, and most importantly are impacting enough for me to remember however they share a simplistic quality which explains the reason for having less busy work in a design and still being able to feel like the design has impacted individuals and actually succeeded as a piece of work.

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