Wednesday, February 27, 2008

photography's impact

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but it also represents a precise moment frozen in time. With these images, people can recall certain joys and sadness from memory as well as share them with others. The invention and evolution of the photograph has not only captured moments in time, but has also allowed people to delve deeper in higher studies such as fine art, illustration, and graphic design.

Photography’s impact on fine art is incalculable. If fine art is essentially a pure discipline, then a photograph represents a pure depiction of the natural state of being. A photograph shows people, places and things, for what they really are devoid of human thought manipulation.

Since the beginning of language and eventually text and communication, a picture was the simplest way to get a thought across. As people learned how to manipulate media, the quest for identity with a place or a thing (anything), or just a thought, arose. People tried to recreate what they saw with varied successes. With a photo, illustrations were now possible to be created precisely.

various logos

As far as graphic design is concerned, photography is the starting point for a continuously changing practice. The field of graphic design has chosen to break down a simple picture and study its qualities in terms of values, hues, saturations, shapes, contrasts, and so on. With knowledge of such principles, designers can better communicate with the general public in terms of marketing, branding, etc.

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