Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Photography's impact on the world of fine art, illustration, and graphic design?

Photograpy changed everything!
The initial change photography made was instead of people wanting to get their portraits painted they now wanted a picture taken. Pictures were more precice in capturing the figure and they didnt take as long as a painting.
Printing presses started experimenting with putting pictures into their prints and eventually were successful at doing so. More and more prints like news papers and books did not use drawings and art to illustrate their stories.
With more and more people wanting pictures instead of paintings, portrait painters soon lost there jobs. Painters were forced into finding a more artistic style for their paintings. Although many painters did not see the change as a good thing when photography first was introduced, they came to see the change as a gift of freedom. Painters were now allowed to paint whatever they felt inclined to paint and this led to expression painting /art.
Graphic design was also impacted by photography. When the printers created a way to place the photographs into their prints they created a process which is known of as Lithography. Lithography changed the graphic design world by opening an new door for advertizing and marking products. Graphic design artists were now able to change up fonts and images without half of the work. People were now able to put advertizing on multiple surfaces like tin cans.
Once cameras were avalible to the public and just about everyone knew how to use one, people started experimenting with pictures. They started taking multiple photos and putting them together to make a life-like movement. Through these experiments movies were invented. Of corse they were silent at first but still people could watch a moment from the past.
Since then people keep perfecting and reinventing the camera and ways to use the camera. Now our world is more than half engulfed in pictures.

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