Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Impact of Photography

Photography had a major impact on the world of art. It didnt matter if the are was fine art, illustrations, or graphic design; it changed it all. Photography could grab details that paintings couldnt fully contain. The major thing that a photograph could capture was the realism it expressed. Paintings and drawing could capture a moment in time but never capture the complete realism of the moment. Now artists had to change their style to compete with the photograph. Their pictures had to become more real.

But photography also did something to painting. Painters could now become more expressive. The paintings and drawings that they did no longer had to represent something in this world. Because the photograph could capture that, artists began exploring the freedoms of complete expressiveness. This greatly changed the types of paintings that were showing up around the world.

Another thing that photography did was change out perception of graphic design. People could now take photographs and alter them. They learned that they could bring multiple pictures, drawings, or paintings together to form a new creation. Things such as photomontage began showing up and even things such as photorealism and surrealism.

Without photography we would not have some of the art or art ideas that we have today. Yes at first photography did hurt the art world, but now it has helped it in ways unseen.

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