Monday, February 18, 2008

My Theory on Eyptian Death

Eyptians had alot to live for but they were focused on just one thing....Death. It is strange that they basically lived to die. Eyptian Kings built these huge pyramids that would evenually house their bodys and all their goods from their lives. There are theorys why they were totally focused on death, one would be that they thought they would come back after so many years and be "re-born". Which we all know to be false.
There is another theory about the way they built the mighty pryamids. some were built to face certain stars so the knig could go be in the place they called "heavan" or the endstruables. The endstrucables would be a set of stars in the night sky that don't move. They bascailly found the north axess of the world without knowing it. Scientists know this because of how the pryamids look, on certain sides there are holes or passages ways that lok directly at certain constilations of the stars. These passage ways are meant to lead the king out of his tomb placed in the pyramid and to those certain stars.
Which brings this to my theory on why eyptians were so pre-occupied with death. Some religions still believe this today.. . . .they believed that they would be recarnated back to life and that they would go to "heavan" even if they did something horrible. Pointing their tombs towards these stars made it so they wouldn't "get off the beaten path" as we as a new society would say. They were afraid of death and what it would bring if they didn't build these huge structures that are still here today. Plain and simple. They didn't know what was to await them in the after life so they pre-occupied themselves with the idea that if build a huge stone tomb nothing would get them.

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