Sunday, February 17, 2008

protect Iraq's arts

What to do to protect Iraq's ancient arts from looting and damaging during the war. It definitely involves Irag's head people as well as USA governors to decide what can be done to protect the museum during the war in Iraq. In my first opinion, Iraq is the most important country where old aged arts were created therefore it attracts lots of looters attention and probably easy to loot and damage at this time.If Iraq agree to close down all of their museum and send the arts to USA to keep it in a place where no one will be able to see it until end of the war.We all know that it is much more safer to keep them in here USA than Iraq but at same time we might start having lots more terrorist arounnd the USA because of the ancient arts.If the security is good enough to protect the arts, i think it would be very safe in USA. If Iraq concerned about keeping their arts safe which represent their culture and to be still able to proud of their art, they should agree with taking the arts to USA. In my second opinion, they should seriously concern to give art classes for young adults in Iraq's educational system so they can learn how to protect their own arts and to be able to appreciate it.

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