Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Egyptians pursuit of their continuity and permanence

The Egyptians marked their passage into the hereafter through great lengths. For them death was not simply the end but more of a transformation into life’s natural cycle. They often linked death and rebirth and found comfort in the concept that it was a necessary step into the afterlife. They spent their entire lives preparing for the hereafter. Gathering everything that is essential for the current life to be used in the after life. They were so devote in the task of permanence and continuing their legacy. By doing this they were essentially continuing their existence. The reason why they were respected with such magnitude is because the Egyptians thought the Kings would be Gods in the afterlife. The Egyptians thought by being devote to the king they would be taken care of in the hereafter. They thought by aiding in the creation of the pyramids and many other duties. The kings had massive pyramids and elaborate tombs built for them in their honor. Many that helped in the construction of the tombs were promised to be taken care of in the afterlife. As far as symbolism the pyramid symbolized life. The Egyptians saw the stars and galaxy to be heavenly. In particular the Circum Polar Stars. They were always located in the same area of the night sky therefore they thought it was heaven. The pyramids had a shaft constructed within it precisely aligned with the Circum Polar Stars. It seems as though they were constructed for their hereafter to begin they thought the vault would help the gods from the heavens access them in their tombs. It was obvious that the Egyptians built the pyramids as a way of answering and preparing for the afterlife. Egyptians tombs, art works funerary pieces and pyramids as a whole were built to as a way for the royals to express their power, pride and affluence.

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