Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Comparing two different Apocalyptic Images

For this particular journal assingment, I chose to use Figure 4-14 on page 53 known as the fourth angel from the Beatus of Fernando and Sancha during AD 1047. I found a rather interesting picture that is apocalyptic in its very own way that enabled me to make some similiar comparisons to Figure 4-14 while still being different.

When I first began observing this picture, I immideatly felt like there was definetly emotions involved. I noticed that there is a very beautiful color scheme present representing the sun going down. In comparison to Figure 4-14, which revolves around Revelations 8:12, it is discussed in the text that the sun and the moon are one third white and two thirds red which illustrates that one third of each had fallen away. As seen in the image that I am sharing with the Gorilla, the sun is casting a orange, white, and red color scheme which is touching.

Also, in Figure 4-14, it is noted that a eagle flies into space screaming, "Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth." It is also discussed that the angel presented is worlds away from the pure white angel of hope. I felt I could really compare the image I selected to when the eagle flies by in the image in the text. Even though the gorilla isnt saying exactly what the eagle said, the gorilla is still creating a question to the outsiders in the world referring to there being any hope for anyone on earth with even the smallest things gone.

It is very interesting to me to actually be able to make comparisions from images dating so far from ech other. Even though both images are not exactly the same and have there own meanings, I found it very meaningful and touching that they were both simple creatures such as the eagle and the gorilla but both had such powerful and impacting words even though one was from way long ago and the other is present day graphic design. Its amaxing to see how images can still have similarities even though they are both being produced with totally different tools and technology.

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