Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Science, Humanism, Artistic Production

I think the relationship between science, humanism and artistic production, is one that is very close. During this time artistic pieces were being commissioned all the time. Artists really started to blossom during this time as more and more was being accepted in that culture. While some things were still shocking to see on canvas or in marble, people were becoming accustomed to this. Also during this time people were starting to look outside the church as well as outside the monarchy for answers. Nature and human being became the main focus for people of this time. Science most definitely helped this along. With science being studied by various people, many new ideas came about that have never been thought of before this time. Humanism also became an important aspect during this time. People were opening their minds to new ideas and schools of thought. This also helped with the art world because more and more things were becoming okay to paint, or sculpt. With this, the art world really opened up to whole new possibilities. I do not think that that there is this relationship in today’s art. While art that is modern is just as nice, personally, I do not think that any one artist can top the artists of the Renaissance. They painted and sculpted absolute masterpieces. The work they did lived through the centuries and has become famous works of art that almost anyone can recognize. This is why I believe that they relationship between humanism, science and artistic production in the 15th century, in Italy, will never be out done.

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