Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Science, Humaism, and Artistic Production in 15th Century Italy

There is definitely a relationship between the science, humanism, and artistic production in 15th century Italy. When the Italians began to search different possibilities than what the church would give them, they had to go and find the answers that they needed themselves. Science was founded when the Italians artists went out and studied on the human body and all the nature that they saw. Many artists could of been called mathematicians because they always looked at the perspective and depths of many things that they painted. This also relates to humanism. With humanism in the picture, paintings began to give more emotion. They began to show more of three-dimensional scenery as with better vanishing points and greater depths. The paintings also began to make the viewer become more interested in the painting, than just becoming very bored when you look at them. With science and humanism the artistic production became more interesting. With this artists were informed more about the human anatomy and they were able to create better pieces. I believe that with all the artists back then having to just forget the Church and going out and studying the human anatomy themselves, that is what helped us to find more ways of understanding the human body better. It is very fascinating how Michelangelo would write backwards or in code, so that he was able to study the human anatomy inside and out.

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