Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Greek beliefs

What Greek beliefs about the human being and and the human body are continued to this day?

Greek believe that human being are the ruler of the world beside the god and goddess, which mean they are perfect and also powerful. Specially male human being are the most beautiful and most powerful human kind compare to the females, so most of the Greek's art works were all naked man. Females are most likely only to be the goddess statue in Greek's history because females are not as strong compare to the males. Greek believe male body are the solution for their math, science...etc; they believe the nude male body are the perfect shape in the world. Everything with the male body is perfect so every male statue looks like a super man, the Greek do not think the perfect detail nude male statue are a shame and they are proud of their art works. Which we can still see in today's world most models and body builders try to put themselves into the shape of the Greek's perfect status; the big different in todays is that nude males are not longer and popular accepted as the females are.

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