Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Greek human views

Since people first started creating art, the human form has been represented in various shapes and forms. From the stick figures on the cave walls to the portrayal of the fertile woman, human representational art has improved over time. The Greeks were very proud of the human, mainly male, body and thought very highly of it.

The Greeks sculptures of the male body displayed a vision of perfection. This is probably where the first idea of a the perfect body image. The sculptures were very toned and muscularly sculpted. As the the period of Greek art progressed the sculptures were also perfected. The art work became more detailed and more anatomically correct. The muscles were shown as very toned and well sculpted.

The view of the human body has carried over through the centuries to todays society. Men and women both have the idea of having the perfect body. Women have the idea that they should have a body with the hour glass figure, flat stomach, and large breasts. Men think they should look like the Greek sculptures with the toned abs and large muscular arms and legs. Although in reality this image is very unrealistic for everyone, it has seemed to stick in everyones minds and continued to be present throughout history.

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