Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Greeks beliefs about the human body.

The Greeks believed in beauty and perfection that was humanly impossible. All of their sculptures depicted what the Greeks to be the perfect human. Their sculptures also portrayed their Gods and sometimes even goddesses; of course all unbelievably extraordinary. The Greeks tried developing mathematical equations to perfect the human body. The Greeks specially idolized the human anatomy. For them this supernatural beauty was the norm, it was an obsession, and the most desirable trait. Although it was something that they desired i doubt that most Greeks looked anything like their sculptures. Not only were their sculptures beautiful but they were also very sensual; most of the sculptures were naked and portrayed some kind of sensuality, specially in the Hellenistic period. Some of these Greek beliefs are still in play today in our day-to-day life. We have inherited the high human beauty standards which are almost as impossible as the ones the Greeks propounded. We also impound a certain amount of sensuality in the perfect human. The only difference now is that we use the media to portray our "gods" and "goddesses" instead of the sculptures, yet the same concept remains. It is the search for a perfect body, the perfect formula, and the most beautiful being that keeps us and the Greek beliefs connected.

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