Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Theocratic Government

The term theocracy itself means "rule of god" according to Josephus. The mix of both religion and politics has its advantages and disadvantages in government. In ancient Rome, the people indeed did have a theocratic government. The government is ruled by a priesthood or a strong religious leader. The rules and beliefs are unchangeable, even by majority vote. Some of the disadvantages with this type of government would include several things. The ruler would be compared to a god even though they would have no real godlike ability. Eventually, that one person in rule would begin to believe they were and god and perhaps take advantage of the authority and power. The nation would have to believe in the same belief without having a say in anything. There would be no growth or no need for opinion. The strict rule would not allow people the freedom to choose and believe in different beliefs. There would be no freedom at all and people may begin to rebel and turn against the government. Some may even leave the country, trying to escape the tight chain. The advantages with this type of government would include several things as well. Religion in the government may provide a more moral and ethical rule over the nation. People would all have a strong understanding of religion and have higher morals. Every person would have the same belief so there would be no disagreements on religion, everyone would have no choice but agree.  The disadvantages seem to out weigh the advantages. I don't believe I would like this type of government rule and I am thankful we have the freedom to choose our own beliefs.

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